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WATCH: ILLENIUM Premiere His Incredible New Collaboration With Spiritbox At ULTRA Music Festival

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 28 March 2022 at 10.49

This sounds absolutely HUGE.

has spent the last few years melding the world of alternative culture with EDM, bringing in huge names from the scene and working with them on his ethereal dubstep creations. 

And the latest is very special indeed. 

He has teamed up with Spiritbox for 'Shivering', which he premiered this weekend at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, one of the biggest stages for dance music in the US.

And the track is fucking incredible. 

Featuring Courtney LaPlante's crystalline vocals and Mike Stringer's monolithic guitarwork mixed in with ILLENIUM pulling out his most beautiful and brutal beats, it's a perfect example of worlds colliding in the most wonderful of ways.

Oh, and it absolutely fucking goes off at the end. 

You can check it out just by clicking the video below, and then stick around for the rest of the set as well. It's amazing:

And if you fancy a little bit more, here he is with Lights on 'Hearts On Fire':

Spritibox were also a Rock Sound Artist Of The Year 2021!

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