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WATCH: Grayscale Brought Out A Gospel Choir To Perform ‘Tommy’s Song’ Last Night

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 7 October 2019 at 11.03

This is very, very special.

Last night Grayscale wrapped up their headline tour of North America in their hometown of Philadelphia, and they really made it a special occasion. 

Throughout the tour, Grayscale have been playing a significant number of tracks off their most recent album 'Nella Vita', but in honour of the end of their tour and their hometown show, last night they gave 'Tommy's Song' its live debut.

'Tommy's Song' is one of the most emotional and personal songs on the album to frontman Collin Walsh, who wrote the song in tribute to his late cousin. And at Grayscale's hometown show last night, they closed their set with 'Tommy's Song', with a gospel choir. 

It was pretty special. Check out a short video below:

Grayscale brought out a gospel choir for their first time playing “Tommy’s Song” live in Philly. Whole room was emotional and singing along, Collin was singing through tears. Beautiful night and tribute to Tom. ❤️ from r/poppunkers

And check out the studio version of 'Tommy's Song' below:

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