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WATCH: Dave Grohl Challenge Nandi Bushell To A Drum Battle With A Song He Has Written About Her

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 14 September 2020 at 15.50

The nicest man in rock once again does something incredibly nice. 

In case you aren't aware, Nandi Bushell is a 10 year old drummer who has been absolutley smashing out drum covers of some of rock's biggest songs over the last few months. 

Last month she took things up a level by challenging Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl to a drum battle as she covered the band's classic 'Everlong':

Dave replied by playing 'Everlong' on the drums for the first time since it was written back in 1997 and issued his own challenge back to her by playing Them Crooked Vultures' 'Dead End Friends':

Nandi accepted the challenge and once again smashed it:

Knowing when he was beaten, Dave confirmed he had something special up his sleeve:

And that special something? Well, it's a song that he has written especially about Nandi.

And here it is:

Is that the cutest thing ever? Absolutely.

How many people can say that Dave Grohl wrote a song about them for a drum battle they were engaged in? Not many.

Has it made us a bit emotional? You know it. 

Here's the song that started it all for ya, because there is never a bad time to listen to 'Everlong':

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