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WATCH: Crossfaith’s Glitchy New Video For ‘Not Your Business’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 26 June 2020 at 12.29

There's a LOT going on here.

have released a video for their track 'Not Your Business', featuring Jin Dogg. 

From pulsing flesh heads to glitching facial graphics, it's a proper head messer of a video and one that suits the discomforting sound of the track perfectly. 

This is what frontman Ken Koie had to say about the visual:

“We don’t need what we don’t need and we don’t need people yelping like a little kid. It’s not just anger, I’m tired of it. We made this video with Japan's finest creative team, THINGS, and it features a great performance from our best friend Jake AKA Jin Dogg. Go feel it and unleash yourself with MADNESS."

Check it out below:


The track appears on the band's latest EP 'Species', which is out now via UNFD. 

We recently chatted to Ken about the band's new era and what the future holds. You can check out the full interview HERE but here's a little taster:

Following ‘EX_MACHINA’, which was this fully formed concept album about technology, ‘Species’ feels like it focuses more on actual emotion. What was the catalyst for that shift in theme?
Says Kenta: “We always try and have a specific concept for our albums, but this time we went about trying to make each individual song stronger than ever before. The experience of doing that was actually really nice because with putting a concept together it’s hard to actually finish it. There are barriers that have specific links to the concept you’re building. This time though it was much more free.  Music is there for thinking and the inspiration always comes from the soul. This EP is more pure because of that compared to what we have done on our previous albums.”

When you’ve made music that focuses more on sci-fi elements for so long, to then make something that feels more familiar and real is always going to be refreshing…
“We’ve done so many things about technology, and not that we’re sick of it, but we wanted to focus much more on humanity. As humans, it’s hard to have sympathy with such huge concepts. So we took things and tried to give much more of a direct message to the people. That’s what one of our main motivations for making this EP was.”

It feels as though these songs are a lot more personal as well. How did you decide to write in that way?
“I didn’t really decide that this song should be like this and this song should be like this and so on. Everything happened very naturally.

“So ‘Endorphin’ for example comes from being frustrated. So many people have their own goals but at the same time so many people aren’t able to find those goals. Then when you have finally found that goal it’s about the struggle that comes with now trying to achieve it. That’s a feeling I’ve had before and one I know so many other people have too. I just want to be able to share my emotion with those people [who feel the same]. Then you have a song like ‘None Of Your Business’, which is focused more on anger towards specific people.

“It’s really rare for me to write lyrics like this because my lyrics are usually always more of a statement. I wanted to make these lyrics as personal as possible and show sympathy to how other are feeling too. It’s a really important thing. It’s all so much more emotional.”

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