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WATCH: Code Orange Perform ‘Underneath’ On WWE’s Latest NXT Takeover

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 8 June 2020 at 16.59

The track was the offical theme song of the 'In Your House' PPV.

Code Orange have made an appearance on the latest WWE NXT Takeover. 

The band's song 'Underneath' was the official theme song of the 'In Your House' Event, and it only seemed right for the band to perform it for the masses. 

Let's just say it was a proper moment and more proof of what a special band they are. 

Have a watch for yourself. 

It's not the first time that the band have appeared on a WWE PPV either. Here they are playing Aleister Black's entrance theme 'Root Of All Evil' alongside Incendiary's Brendan Garrone:

Oh, and the band are also responsible for Bray Wyatt's "The Fiend" entrance theme:

'Underneath' is the title track of the band's latest album which is out now via Roadrunner. 

We spoke to the band all about it around its release earlier in the year. You can read the full interview HERE, but here's a little snippet:

For the both of you, what's the moment that defines what this record is?
Says Reba Meyers: "We've worked really hard to make sure that every single song fills every moment. It’s like a movie. The intention is to not have gaps. So when I think of the record as a whole, I have a different feeling and a different mindset dependant on whatever mood I’m in at that point. Each moment is important and integral. So depending on how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking about is how I relate to different songs and moments. It’s a whole journey. It would be hard to pick something specific."

Well while you're saying that, ‘Forever’ felt like a horror movie when you listened to it as a whole. It was frantic and fierce from beginning to end, whereas 'Underneath’ feels much more considered...
Says Jami Morgan: "It’s more psychological. It’s more ethereal. It’s deeper. It’s still very dark though. We had to put in a lot more hours because of that. We had to do a lot more surgery on it to make those things work and make things make sense."

What’s it like being in that space, working so meticulously on every intricacy? What effect does it have on you?
Jami: "We recorded the record twice pretty much. We recorded some very specific demos that took a long time to do, and we mixed them ourselves. From the headphone stuff we like to do to the audio approach of making each song multi-dimensional so it felt like it was also visual, it took a very very very long time."

Reba: "The experience just made us dig deeper. That was the whole goal. We had the chance to actually take that kind of time. It was exhausting but it was also inspiring to see every person doing that in their own way. We all just bounced off each other and really learned how to communicate and create something like this. It was an extreme digging process to reach all of those places. This is what we wanted to be doing though."

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