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Watch Brendon Urie Be Reunited With His High School Music Teacher

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 6 November 2018 at 18.16

It honestly just warms the heart.

In the fourth installment of Panic! At The Disco's partnership with State Farm for their Neighbourhood of Good series, frontman Brendon Urie is reunited with his high school music teacher- and it brings a tear to the eye (and the eye of Brendon's mum as well).

Talking about the influence of his music teacher, Brendon shared "Richard Matta is one of the main reasons I am here today. He taught me everything when I thought I knew nothing- and that made every difference. Everybody needs somebody to show you that the things that you’re passionate about and the things that you really love to do can create who you are."

And the admiration is echoed by Matta, who shared “he was enthusiasm. He brought energy into everything, and he made it fun."

Brendon discusses the impact and influence his music teacher had on his life in the context of inspiring him to be the musician he's become- an influence he hopes to have on the young people he's been mentoring over the course of the series. 

Also in the video, Brendon reveals that his charitable foundation, The Highest Hopes Foundation, is building a professional-quality recording studio at the Boys and Girls Club of Las Vegas, to help the young people of his hometown reach their dreams. 

It just leaves you feeling a bit warm and fuzzy, doesn't it? Good on you, Mr. Disco.

Check out the full video below:

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