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Watch: Black Veil Brides’ New Video ‘When They Call My Name’

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 15 March 2018 at 14.36

The new video for 'When They Call My Name' is packed with nostalgia.

Black Veil Brides have released a video for 'When They Call My Name', and have packed it full of old, nostalgia-fueled footage as well as previously unseen live footage from their performance at London's Brixton Academy earlier this year.

Check Black Veil Brides' new video for 'When They Call My Name' below:

We spoke to Andy Biersack about the importance of 'When They Call My Name', and he had this to say:

“The truth of the matter is that a song like ‘When They Call My Name’ is about my direct relationship with my wife, most specifically my wife because she’s my best friend and the person that I’m around the most, in the situation where – I don’t want to get into ‘sobriety!’ talk – but the truth is that when I wrote that song I was just about six to eight months into… I had been off drinking for a while but I had had a few relapses.

“I was never a tragic drinker, I was never a get up in the morning and have booze because I have to, I was a drink anytime there was a social situation, blackout and not know anything that had occurred and then hate myself drinker! You know, how did I get to the point where I’m saying, ‘Okay, well I’m going to go out with my buddies and then the next day I’m in my hotel room with my leather jacket still on feeling like complete shit and getting a terrible hangover’?

“That wasn’t good for me and when you do that every single day, it takes a toll on your central nervous system. Again, I wasn’t in a situation where it was that kind of cartoon TV thing where the person is going to the school in a robe or something and like yelling at little kids, that wasn’t me, it was a situation where I was unfortunately in the exact situation to be drunk all the time, I was in a heavy metal band surrounded by people giving you booze and telling you how great you are. There is no more appropriate and terrible place at the same time to be drunk all the time and it just didn’t work for me so what happened was, I removed myself from that and I wasn’t around it all the time, and the truth of the feelings and the emotions and the anxiety that I’d been chasing away for my entire adult life really started to come back about six to eight months into my sobriety.

“All of a sudden this shit that I hadn’t felt in years was back, these… not voices in my head, but these emotions and feelings and fears and all this stuff that I had been putting aside saying, ‘No, no, no, I’m mister rockstar with the lipstick and the mascara and the leather pants,’ it was coming at me when I was sitting in sweatpants in my house, so the façade of the untouchable rock star starts to come down when you’re in your quietest moments and the truth is that I wanted desperately to remember and to feel all the things that made me feel good about myself, not tear down the idea of this rock star that you build yourself into, because that defeats the purpose of the message that I’ve been trying to send to our audience from the very beginning.

“You should always feel like you’re an untouchable rock star, but you should always remember to be good to yourself and everyone else, the untouchable rock star’s responsibility is not to be a dickhead to everybody, it’s to give a shining example of the fun that you can’t have if you lead a life that follows dreams and understands consequence.

“I was at that point where I was writing about, ‘Fuck, I’m telling my wife all this stuff that I’ve felt for years that I’m not saying to anybody,’ and I need her, need my friends, I need the people in my life to be there for me so I can get through to the other side and write about these feelings so I can share them with the audience and make sure I’m able to continue to inspire particularly the younger audience we have in their moments of darkness and to understand that while I’ve never been someone who’s self-harmed, I know that that’s prevalent in youth culture and I can’t imagine that the feeling of inadequacy and anxiety is too different and I wanted people to know that I have felt those things but I also don’t dwell on them and it’s important to rise out of them.”


If you want to see more of what the show this was all about, we were there to capture it all. Check out the full photo gallery here.

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