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WATCH: Black Peaks Intense Performance Of ‘King’, Live At The Brighton Centre

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 9 April 2021 at 11.11

The band's full performance is being released on vinyl too.

This week Black Peaks premiered 'Live At The Brighton Centre', an immersive, intense and incredible performance from a venue that means an awful lot to the band. 

As part of that performance, the band were able to play their track 'King', released back in September 2019, as a full band for the very first time. 

You can watch the extraordinary display below:

The band have also announced that they will be releasing the audio from the show digitally on April 16. It will also be pressed onto vinyl, which can be pre-ordered from right HERE

We spoke to guitarist Joe Gosney all about the stream earlier in the week. You can read the full piece HERE, but here's a snippet...

On an emotional level, what was it like all of you being back on stage together? Had you seen much of each other in this period?
“Not that much. We had done enough rehearsals that we felt good to go and play, but we’ve done much less just hanging out. We would just be getting into a rehearsal space and playing as much as possible. Everything seemed foreign for the first bit of time when we were on stage together. Even with the crew we had, there was this amazing atmosphere that everybody felt very lucky to be doing what they were doing. We were smack bang in the middle of lockdown at this point, and to have lighting operators and sound engineers and people with cameras there with us was awesome. Everybody was stoked on it, as were we. 
“So yeah, for the first few songs, we were all just stood there playing and trying to soak in exactly what was going on. It had felt like forever since we had done it. That’s one of the things that has been hardest for artists in this time too. The payoff that you usually get from writing music and going through the struggles of being a musician and making fuck all money is being able to go and play. Having those aspects of this job taken away has made it hard to be objective about what you’re doing, even when creating. But it was this moment of being on stage, playing these songs loud and feeling the amp firing behind me that made it feel like the best thing in the world. It was just so good.”

Interestingly, had you had the chance to play ‘King’ at any point after you released it in September 2019? Was this performance one of the first times?
“We played it once. We had a warm-up show at our local studio, Brighton Electric, where we rehearse. They have a venue attached at the studio's side, and you can fit in a couple of hundred people in. We did a headline tour warm-up there, and it was the night before we were meant to leave for it. That day, we had a phone call from Will’s girlfriend saying that Will [Gardner, Vocalist] had been rushed into hospital and was sick. That’s when we had to pull the tour, but for the show, it was so late in the day that people had already started to turn up at the venue. So we played ‘King’ that night as an instrumental song, and that’s the only other time we’ve played it apart from this show.”

That’s such a fascinating thing. You were on the edge of a new era when you dropped this song, and that’s been on hold ever since. To have this period where people have been living with it for so long for you then present it live exactly the way you wanted to in a venue like this, that’s genuinely unique…
“Precisely, and that’s so cool. I hadn’t thought of it in that light before, and it’s such a special way to view it. It’s another moment where having that control over everything has made this whole thing so unique.”

Was there a particular moment in the set where you felt as though you all slotted back into place then?
“So we are set up on stage facing inwards and looking at each other. Will was facing Liam [Kearney, Drums], and I was facing Dave [Larkin, Bass]. That’s how we would practice. So through the first couple of tracks, we were getting all the levels right, and everybody was slightly on edge because it’s nerve-wracking. But then it helps to look inwards and to remember that out of all of these things that you’re expected to know as a musician. This is the one thing we know how to do. This is what we do. We write songs, and we play music. When we remembered that and looked at each other having a good time, that was when it all felt right again.”

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