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WATCH: Architects’ Apocalyptic Performance Of ‘Impermanence’, Live At Abbey Road Studios

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 26 January 2022 at 10.04

Genuinely earth-shaking.

Last year Architects premiered a very special performance at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, taking the tracks from their album 'For Those That Wish To Exist' and combining them with the incredible orchestral work of the Parallax Orchestra.

And now, it is going to be available as a live album for you to enjoy whenever you want.

The whole performance will be released on March 25. 

And you can now check out 'Impermanence' to give you a glimpse at what to expect. Aside from being one of the most ferocious moments on the record, with the addition of strings, horns and percussion it becomes positively apocalyptic. Spine-tingling in every sense, it is something truly remarkable to behold, and a testament to not just how far the band have come but also how far they have been willing to push what they can be.

Have a watch below:

The artwork for 'For Those That Wish To Exist at Abbey Road' looks like this:

And the full tracklisting like this:

01. Do You Dream Of Armageddon? (Live From Abbey Road)
02. Black Lungs (Live From Abbey Road) 
03. Giving Blood (Live From Abbey Road)
04. Discourse Is Dead (Live From Abbey Road)
05. Dead Butterflies (Live From Abbey Road)
06. An Ordinary Extinction (Live From Abbey Road)
07. Impermanence (Live From Abbey Road)
08. Flight Without Feathers (Live From Abbey Road)
09. Little Wonder (Live From Abbey Road)
10. Animals (Live From Abbey Road)
11. Libertine (Live From Abbey Road)
12. Goliath (Live From Abbey Road)
13. Demi God (Live From Abbey Road)
14. Meteor (Live From Abbey Road)
15. Dying Is Absolutely Safe (Live From Abbey Road)

You can pre-order the physical edition from right HERE

The band were also on the cover of Rock Sound last year. You can pick up a copy from right HERE





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