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Watch A Guy Just Slam A Can Of Beans In A Warped Tour Mosh Pit

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 26 July 2018 at 12.48


Warped Tour is truly the gift that keeps on giving. While we never get sick of all of the on-stage collaborations, this time all the action was happening off-stage. In the mosh pit to be precise. 

Now we can't blame the guy- sometimes you can't fight the fact that you're mad hungry but you also don't want to miss your favourite band. We've all bean there. SORRY- been there. 

However not many of us would take a meal in to the mosh pit and get the best of both worlds. We'd stand off to the side and enjoy our snack, watching from the safety of the not-mosh-pit. 

We're out here living in 2018, but this guy is living in 2030. He's a revolutionary. He's changing the world. He's eating a cold can of beans in the middle of the Kublai Khan pit at Warped Tour.

What else is there to say? Just check out the absolute madman eating a can of cold beans in a mosh pit at Warped Tour.

Oh Warped Tour punters, I think we're going to miss you most of all. 

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