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Wage War On Working With Jeremy McKinnon: “We Definitely Wanted To Go In For Round Two!”

Will Cross
Will Cross 28 August 2017 at 10.55

Wage War's Briton Bond opens up about working with A Day To Remember's Jeremy McKinnon and his band's new album on the Rock Sound Podcast.

"In metal right now, I think a lot of bands are writing really good songs and going out of their comfort zone right now and I think we did that on 'Deadweight'. Your typical metal fan who likes Metallica could dig into our stuff too - it's got riffs and it's got hooks.

"Slipknot were a huge influence, but we're also huge fans of pop music so we went on that route with the choruses - and we love the riffs too, we grew up loving bands like As I Lay Dying, just really crazy riffs and even bands today like August Burns Red and Architects - we wanted to put all of those things into our music,"
he explains.

And on working with Jeremy, he says: "Jeremy is really good at finding little things like that in people's music so it definitely brought a lot of cool things to light that I would never have tried - some things didn't work but others were sick so they made the album!"

"We worked with him on our first album 'Blueprints' and loved the way it came out so we definitely wanted to go in for round two with 'Deadweight', Jeremy has such a good mind for tweaking songs. If you don't like a song, he'll be like, 'What if you do this or hit this note'.


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