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Tyler Posey Reveals His First Warped Tour Memories: “It’s Been The Staple Of My Entire Life”

James Wilson-Taylor
James Wilson-Taylor 24 May 2018 at 17.00

The PVMNTS' bassist looked back on his first experience of the festival and the time he rode with State Champs on their bus for the summer.

With Warped Tour bringing it's cross-country run to a close later this summer, we caught up with Tyler Posey, alongside his PVMNTS' bandmates Freddy and Nick, to talk about his early memories of the legendary festival.

The 'Teen Wolf' actor and musician has been a longtime fan of all things scene and has even hit the stage with his friends in All Time Low and State Champs.

But Posey's first ever experience of Warped came at age 14...and may have involved downing beer with a bunch of strangers:

"Warped Tour has been the staple of my entire life. I went as soon as I could go. I was 14 years old when I was able to go to my first Warped Tour. My parents dropped me and my best friend off, we walked through the parking lot, there was a guy...a couple of dudes drinking beers - I was 14 so I wasn't able to have a beer yet. But the guy was like 'You want a beer?' and I was like 'Yes! Absolutely!' and my 14 year old dreams were made. He handed me the beer and he's like 'Ok, you gotta chug gotta grab your nuts while you're chugging it'. So I was literally in the parking lot drinking beer, chugging it, grabbing my nuts at 14 and that basically paved the rest of my Warped Tour experiences for me."

Yep, that sounds about right!

Tyler also hopped on board the State Champs bus years later to hang out for their summer Warped run:

"I rode with them for three dates. They were like 'You wanna come ride in our bus?' and I was like 'Fucking absolutely'...It was the greatest experience ever man. Just looking for a place to poop was so hard."

PVMNTS are currently in the middle of a UK tour with their new EP due for release on June 8th.

Check out our full interview with Tyler, Freddy and Nick in the video below: 

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