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Twenty One Pilots’ Tyler Joseph Traded A Fan’s Hand-Made Ned Doll For A Whole Lot Of Merch

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 24 June 2019 at 11.14


Twenty One Pilots frontman Tyler Joseph was quite taken with a fan's Ned plush doll in San Antonio - and he ended up trading it for a whole lot of Pilots merch.

On stage at Twenty One Pilots' show in San Antonio on Saturday, Tyler caught sight of the Ned doll being held by a fan in the front row and halted the show at the beginning of 'We Don't Believe What's On TV' and asked the fan "Hey - can I have that?"

He continued, with the Ned doll in-hand "My little niece - her name is Mia, and she’s a little over one year old. Whenever she gets sick or she’s tired, all she asks for - I’m not even making this up - all she asks for is Ned. Over and over again. So my sister will show her, my little niece, the video of ‘Chlorine’ and it calms her down right away. And so thank you so much for giving this to me, because I’m going to give her this - she’s always wanted her own real Ned."

He then shared "I’m so happy now! Did you make that? Or did you find that, or..? You made it! Alright listen - Mark, make sure she gets stuff..."

And the rest is history. Tyler got his niece Mia a Ned doll, and the fan in question was thanked with a whole lot of merch!

Check out the wholesome video below:

Tyler saw a Ned plush that a fan had bought and asked to have it for his niece Mia! They ended up giving her a bunch of merch! from r/twentyonepilots

And check out the tweets from the fan below:

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