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Twenty One Pilots’ Tyler Joseph “It’s Always Fun To Tell People How Smart Our Fans Are”

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 3 July 2020 at 12.22

Tyler has been chatting about their never-ending 'Level of Concern' video.

You're surely aware of the brilliant project Twenty One Pilots have been a part of the past few weeks. 

Putting togather a livestream riddled with clues that then lead to 20 seperate codes for fans to uncover, it was revealed that the reward was a never-ending video which you were able to be a part of by sending in some footage. 

Though ultimately it was all about the clique coming together to solve the intricate, and at times incredibly difficult, puzzle put together by the band. And in a new interview with Variety, Tyler Joseph has spoken about putting it all together. 

First off, he spoke about where the inspiration for it came from:

"We’ve always felt like any time we lose the chance to interact with the fans, we need to replace it with something. It used to be at the merch tables. In our shows now, even though we’re playing for more than five people, we still implement moments where we’re interacting with the fans and letting them respond, trying to make it more of a dialogue than just standing up there and executing the show.

And so obviously when the pandemic hit and you take shows away from us, talk about a shock. We found ourselves thinking on our feet: What are we going to replace with this? It’s always fun to tell people how smart our fans are, and in the past where we’ve tried to be either cryptic or speak in code, or to tease something without giving something up, they surprise us how quickly they figure it out."

He also spoke about what his favourite part of the puzzle was:

"One of my favorite things was creating an alphabet to spell out additional codes. And one of the ways that we did that was finding spots on Google Maps that would point to certain buildings, and if you turned on satellite mode where you could actually see the topography, you would see that the building actually looks like a letter. So it was fun looking for buildings that were shaped like certain letters. It got pretty intense.

We think it’s cool that we have a fan base that’s right there with us that’s excited about something like that, and ultimately just a moment in time where they can escape. For me, music’s always been that. I’ve found that you can make music something even bigger than yourself in trying to interact with other people and trying to escape what reality you may be in that might not be the best head space."

How incredibly lovely. 

The video is still going now, which you can get stuck into here:

And you can still send in your own footage HERE

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