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Tyler Joseph Has Confirmed That Twenty One Pilots Are Already Working On Their Next Album

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 12 March 2019 at 11.13

Exciting times ahead!

It hasn't even been six months since the release of Twenty One Pilots' monumental album 'Trench', but they aren't sitting still. In fact, frontman Tyler Joseph has revealed that work on the follow up to 'Trench' has already begun.

When asked by NME if he's started writing new material for Twenty One Pilots' next album, Tyler shared "Oh yeah. It’s hard ‘cause we’re doing this on tour, but I actually woke up two nights ago. This doesn’t usually happen, it sounds super-dramatic, but I woke up with a melody in my head and grabbed my phone and recorded it. Then went back to bed and when I woke up fully, I remembered that I did that and I opened the voice memo to listen to it.”

He continued "In my head, I was just gifted with this thing that happened in a dream and I’m so excited about it and I listen to it and was like, ‘OK, it’s not that great… But oh, okay, hold on, if I were to use that chord to start out and then okay, if that chord goes here’, so it’s really fun to be on tour and trying to be influenced to write ‘cause a lot of crazy things can happen and you never sleep well on tour."

And as for whether the next album will continue the narrative started with 'Trench'? Tyler shared “There’s definitely an end-game. There’s a story. I think I was very specific that there’s a reason why the record ends with ‘Leave The City’ and the song itself is a kind of cliff-hanger. I mean, the whole thing was it’s setting up for what’s next and it’d be silly to not at least resolve what we’ve already started. There’s a character that hasn’t been talked about on any record yet that plays a huge role in the narrative that obviously will need to be talked about and it’s probably where we’re going next.”

He continuted “So it’s not going to be rehashing all the same themes, but it’s gonna recall all that and introduce a new character, a new direction.”

Whatever is coming next, you can count us down as excited.

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