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Twenty One Pilots’ Josh Dun On Disappearing For A Year: “I Always Have That Small Seed Of Doubt”

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Rock Sound 10 December 2018 at 11.46

"It’s the reason why I’m still always so excited when people actually turn up at a show!"

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Opening up about the year that they disappeared while they made 'Trench', Josh and Tyler have shared how they felt, and the doubts that they had.

Josh shared “The notion that it could potentially not work definitely crossed my mind at times, but I always have that small seed of doubt - it’s the reason why I’m still always so excited when people actually turn up at a show! Making something new is always scary, and I think if it wasn’t then I’d be more unsettled by that than anything else.”

Tyler however was more confident in the decision, sharing “I don’t even know how aware of those risks I was, honestly. Maybe I simply didn’t allow myself to be aware of the magnitude of it all, certainly in terms of an external viewpoint. I think that perhaps the relationship that I have with our fans is such that we all kind of agree, whether that be on the type of music that we want to listen to or the way in which that music needs to be created. Just because a song comes from me doesn’t mean that it’s good, but being by myself and putting myself in an environment where I can be honest about that fact - about whether or not a song has value or is of a certain standard - is something that I think our fans ultimately understand. So when it comes to the idea of taking risks or dodging hazards, I don’t know if I even see it that way myself. I think that knowing that trust exists, and knowing that understanding is there from the fans, meant that in my mind there wasn’t really much danger to be found.”

Josh continued “Ultimately we looked at each other and went, ‘This is what we’re doing and we’re going to stick with it and work as hard as we possibly can’. There are no guarantees regardless of how you make an album, whether it’s on your own or in the way that people tell you you’re supposed to do it, but we had a belief that this was right and nothing that has happened since has made me feel differently.

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