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Trash Boat Talk Us Through The “Heavier Vibes” Of New Album ‘Crown Shyness’

James Wilson-Taylor
James Wilson-Taylor 28 June 2018 at 17.00

Tobi and Ryan guide us through the upcoming second record from the UK punk act.

Trash Boat's Tobi and Ryan have told Rock Sound to expect "heavier vibes" from their upcoming new album 'Crown Shyness'.

The band have already released the single 'Shade' from the record and, as Tobi explains, their is even heavier stuff to come, with his vocals particularly pushed to new limits:

"Heavier vibes. That seems to be a rarity, normally bands kind of soften up a bit but we've definitely kept the heavy flow going. For me, personally, I feel like my voice has developed a lot over the last sort of year and a half because we've been playing so many shows that I've been effectively singing almost every day. And it's the discipline that I don't have when I'm at home to actually practice. So I'm discovering new things about my voice all the time, and I've still got a long way to go, but I think my voice sounds great on this record. If I say so myself (laughs)."

'Crown Shyness' is available on July 20th from Hopeless Records. The band recorded the album in Orlando, Florida which, from their description, sounds like the greatest studio setting you could possibly hope for!

Watch our full chat with Tobi and Ryan from Trash Boat in the video below:

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