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Top 75 Albums Of 2009: Part One

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 7 December 2009 at 15.45

Our countdown of the Best Albums released in 2009, click to see the first 25!

Part One of the Top 75 albums of 2009 according to Rock Sound (for more check out the latest issue)!

75. BATS ‘Red In Tooth And Claw’ (Richter Collective)
74. CAULDRON ‘Chained To The Nite’ (Earache)
73. SKELETONWITCH ‘Breathing The Fire’ (Prosthetic)
72. BURNT BY THE SUN ‘Heart Of Darkness’ (Relapse)
71. ZOMBI ‘Spirit Animal’ (Relapse)
70. NARROWS ‘New Distances’ (Deathwish)
69. COALESCE ‘OX’ (Relapse)
67. TUBELORD ‘Our First American Friends’ (Hassle)
66. ARCHITECTS ‘Hollow Crown’ (Century Media)
65. BROADWAY CALLS ‘Good Views, Bad News’ (SideOneDummy)
64. PEARL JAM ‘Backspacer’ (Universal / Island)
63. FAKE PROBLEMS ‘It’s Great To Be Alive’ (SideOneDummy)
62. MONO ‘Hymn To The Immortal Wind’ (Conspiracy)
61. PEOPLE IN PLANES ‘Beyond The Horizon’ (Wind-Up)
60. SKY LARKIN ‘The Golden Spike’ (Wichita)
59. THERAPY? ‘Crooked Timber’ (Demolition)
58. CASPIAN ‘Tertia’ (Make My Day)
57. WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM ‘Black Cascade’ (Southern Lord)
56. BEHEMOTH ‘Evangelion’ (Metal Blade)
55. KATATONIA ‘Night Is The New Day’ (Peaceville)
54. THE WILDHEARTS ‘Chutzpah!’ (Backstage Alliance)
53. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE ‘Killswitch Engage’ (Roadrunner)
52. STRIKE ANYWHERE ‘Iron Front’ (Bridge Nine)
51. FLOOD OF RED ‘Leaving Everything Behind’ (Dark City)

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