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Rage Against The Machine Guitarist Tom Morello Comments On UK Riots

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 10 August 2011 at 13.54

The Nightwatchman offers his opinion on the recent disturbances across Britain.

Rock Sound spoke to Tom Morello last night (you'll have to pick up a future issue of the magazine to find out why!) and we thought it only right, given his musical and political pedigree, to ask what his perspective was on the current unrest in the UK.

He had the following to say on the matter, unsurprisingly it's well worth a read:

"I have been following matters in the UK rather closely and I think it's no accident that over the course of the last year we've seen this kind of social unrest around the globe from the Arab Spring, to the riots in Spain and Greece caused by the austerity measures and the 100,000 people seen on the streets of Wisconsin as working class people stood up for their union rights. When people have the opportunity to look forward to a bright future with educational opportunities, safety, security and a positive economic outlook they do not take to the streets and riot. When people are standing at the lip of the abyss, looking into a future of poverty, deprivation and crime, that is when the powder-keg is set to be lit.

As the gap between rich and poor grows more grotesque around the globe it's really no surprise that the incidents we've seen in the UK recently are occurring.

I originally found out about the unrest through emails and tweets from friends in the UK who were referencing certain Rage Against The Machine songs. How it impacts me emotionally is that firstly I'm concerned for the safety of everybody involved but overall it just deeply stirs the fire of my anger at the gross injustice that exists around the globe. In the midst of these austerity measures you know that the UK's billionaires are not turning their yachts in but the people in communities across the UK find themselves living in desperate economic conditions with no future to look forward to. On the one hand I'm concerned for safety but at the same time I understand.

I think it's part of a bigger global picture. The people who run this planet just don't deserve to, and as long as the profit motive is primary in setting world affairs you are going to have this kind of gross inequality and this kind of response.

Something's got to give and I would not exempt what's happening in the UK from the rest of the world. The circumstances are different in each place but the overarching desire of humanity to stand against tyranny and want a decent life for themselves and their family in universal."

Tom Morello's new Nightwatchman album, 'World Wide Rebel Songs', is due for release on August 29. He tours the UK with Rise Against and Polar Bear Club in November, click here for dates.

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