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Tom DeLonge Unveils ‘To The Stars… Demos, Odds And Ends’ Album

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 2 March 2015 at 10.57

After a very public sort-of breakup and hinting that he was going to publish some unreleased Blink-182 stuff, Mr DeLonge dropped this over the weekend.

Were those snippets of previously unheard Blink-182 songs? Is it new stuff? Old stuff?

Tom explains a little more in the Instagram post below.

At any rate, the album is available to pre-order at, where there's also a breakdown of when we'll be able to hear actual songs.

Got your diary ready? Cool. Let's take a look.


09 - First full song
16 - Full tracklisting announced
23 - Second full song


06 - Third full song
20 - Full album released

We'll sit tight until March 09, then.

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