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Tom DeLonge: “This Angels And Airwaves Album Has Been 3 Years In The Making, And It’s Our Best Yet”

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 2 March 2021 at 13.41

It's really starting to come together.

Tom DeLonge has offered up a new update on the upcoming Angels & Airwaves album, and it sounds like it is really coming together.

In an Instagram post, he has revealed that he has sent five songs off to be mixed and soon another five will be sent over to close out the creation. 

You can check it out in full below:

"What a great day. Sending 5 songs off to be mixed- the final stage in a songs evolution from the birth of the idea, to over 100 tracks diligently crafted with sounds, passion and goosebumps. Soon, another 5 songs will be sent over in the next couple weeks to close out this chapter. This @angelsandairwaves album has been 3 years in the making, and it’s our best yet. Thank you for all your patience, support and love."

At the start of February, Tom also shared a little snippet of a track that's set to appear on the record. It sounds absolutely epic. 

We chatted to Tom last year about what his intentions are with this record. You can read the full interview right HERE, but here's a snippet:

The thing that holds everything you do with Angels & Airwaves together is the emotion and the feeling you inject into your music. It feels like the thing that holds these songs together on the surface is love, but is that actually correct? What emotions have you actually been trying to portray?
“I grew up in a time when punk-rock music was a vehicle for breaking things and rebellion. Blink started its path with writing really funny and happy songs because we were trying to make ourselves laugh because before we had all come from such broken homes and bad environments. From being kicked out of High School to divorces to domestic abuse, playing really fast and happy and pissed off shit was what we felt. That then merged into that whole emo movement. Everyone may poke fun at that these days but everybody has a soft spot for it. What that movement did though was introduce more emotion to the mix, not just in the architecture of the instrumentation but also within what was actually being said.

“Angels & Airwaves is that but on crack really. But you need to understand that it’s not just love. Love is a word that everybody thinks they know what it means, but I don’t think it’s that simple. For me, I feel like if you were to take a big wide-eyed look at the whole universe, you have two different forces that are competing. They are connection and entropy. You have everything either coming together as one or things falling apart over time. The light and the dark. My motto that I’ve been working on over the past few years is, ‘Love is just another word for everything coming together’. When you do something that’s emotional and when you do something centred on the word love as you and I know it that means connection. We’re all little pieces of one big ball of light. That’s why I think it feels good to people. I just think the word makes people think it’s more of a hippy thing. I’m talking about how we are as spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body. We’re all little pieces of the same thing.

"The big thing for us in life is to be able to feel things. To discover what’s right and what’s wrong. To make choices and to learn from how you affect other people. That’s really what I’m trying to do with Angels & Airwaves. It’s a much bigger artistic experiment than just, ‘I really love this person’. I’m talking more about the Ying and Yang symbol that you see everywhere. It’s the battle between being connected and falling apart. It’s something that’s in all of us.”

There is so much out there that we are yet to learn. When music can show you that and teach you that, both as a listener and an artist, it’s incredibly magical….
“I like being inspired by things that can make me think differently. Nothing is better than when you know that you don’t know everything about something and you’re able to portray it in a different way. That’s how you can become more enlightened.

“For example, My partner at the To The Stars Academy, Dr Hal Puthoof, created the Remote Viewing Protocol for the CIA. What they learned from it was amazing. They learned that anybody could meditate and pull out information from their past, present and future. Some people are good at it and some people need more practice. But what does that mean? That means that anybody at some point in their life can shut their minds down and pull information and messages from there. Some people call in praying, some call it meditation, the CIA call it Remote Viewing. It’s all the same thing. That’s just the way that the universe works.

“All these things are what inspire me to do what I do when it comes to music.”

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