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Tom DeLonge Sent Cryptic UFO Emails To Hillary Clinton Campaign

Tamsyn Wilce
Tamsyn Wilce 11 October 2016 at 17.25


Tom DeLonge has always been open about his interest with aliens and UFOs, but it's been revealed that he's been contacting the Hillary Clinton campaign chairman regarding the subject.

Recently Wikileaks shared emails that DeLonge had sent to John Podesta about a "sensitive topic", urging him to meet with "A-level officials" and saying, "Just looking to have a casual, and private conversation in person."

You can read one of the emails in full below.

Another email states that Tom DeLonge has been working with an Air Force Major General to assemble a UFO advisory team, with much of his evidence coming from the Roswell incident in 1947.

We're not sure if any of these meetings happened, or if John Podesta responded, but what we do know is that Tom DeLonge is working on something...

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