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Tom DeLonge on UFOs: “Some Of This Stuff Is Frankly Kind Of Scary”

Tamsyn Wilce
Tamsyn Wilce 7 April 2017 at 13.35

Are aliens real?

Former Blink-182 member Tom DeLonge has opened up about his research into UFOs.

In an interview with Rolling Stone he revealed he's been working on various projects and spoke about the importance of sharing his knowledge with new generations.

"This project is aimed at creating a beacon and a vehicle to be able to interact directly with Millennials across the world. Some of this stuff is empowering, and some of this stuff is frankly kind of scary. But you need to understand it, and you're going to need to deal with it when we're gone."

When asked about last year's Wikileaks, where it was revealed he had been sending cryptic emails to they Hilary Clinton campaign chairman, he simply responded, "at least people found out I wasn't lying."

Since leaving Blink-182, Tom has been writing books based upon alien life and is in the process of making a movie called 'Strange Times', all whilst developing a software company designed to help musicians.

"I learned a lot about how fans want to absorb art: a combination of digital and physical products coming together. Here I am with all this knowledge of something I want to communicate to the world. So that's what I'm doing now."

Earlier this year, he was also named UFO Researcher Of The Year. You can watch his acceptence video below.

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