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Tom DeLonge On Blink-182: “I’m Super, Super, Super Thankful For That Band. I Love That Band”

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 24 September 2019 at 10.14

Everyone is fine. Everyone is friends. 

Just in case you needed additional proof that there's no bad blood between Tom DeLonge and blink-182, he has addressed it directly on stage at a recent Angels & Airwaves show in Chicago. 

On his current Angels & Airwaves tour around North America, Tom has taken a moment during each set to perform a medley of acoustic blink-182 songs, and before that part of the set in Chicago, Tom shared a little about his relationship with blink.

"I started another band called blink-182, and I definitely want to let you guys know, contrary to a lot of talk out there in internet land, I’m super, super, super thankful for that band. I love that band - I started that band, by the way," Tom shared. "I love Mark and Travis, we still talk, we’re all good. Everything is awesome and people don’t know, so they say a bunch of weird shit on the internet."

He continued "But I’ve always been one of those guys that wants to do something different all the time. I’m like, how do I really really challenge myself to feel things that are different to what I feel now, and how do I do that with other people, and inspire the people the way that I’ve been inspired? So that’s kind of been my path for a long time. It started with Boxcar Racer, and then Angels & Airwaves."

This comes within a week of Mark Hoppus sharing a similar sentiment with Vogue, when he said “I talked with Tom for the first time in two years right before we started this tour... The conversation was more about us just telling each other, ‘No hard feelings. You do your thing, we’ll do our thing.’ It’s all good.”

So that's that on that. No bad blood, everyone is happy pursuing their chosen projects.

Watch Tom DeLonge's full speech in Chicago below:

Tom Delonge talking about his relation with Blink 182 members at Angel's and Airwaves concert in Chicago. from r/Blink182

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