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Here’s An Extract From Tom DeLonge’s Book

George Essex
George Essex 7 October 2015 at 17.39

Right here.

Tom DeLonge has released an extract from his novel Poet Anderson... Of Nightmares.

The Angels & Airwaves frontman and ex-Blink 182 guitarist co-wrote the novel with teen fiction author Suzanne Young.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Delonge said that the novel is "set in an unknown world where dreams meet reality, and the chasm between the two sometimes dissapears".

Here's a sneaky peek.

"Poet took a step back as the Dream Walkers arrived at his table. Two men and one woman stood in full armor, helmets in their hands. They looked battle-hardened and cruel. The woman had a scar on her upper lip, pulling it to the side in an eternal sneer. One of the men wore an eye-patch, and when he saw Poet looking at him, he smiled, flashing a gap of missing teeth."

You can read the rest of the extract here and"Poet Anderson... Of Nightmares" is out now.

This is all part of the huge project Tom has going on at the moment, but 

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