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Tom DeLonge Has Announced That He Is Making A Sci-fi Movie

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 7 October 2020 at 17.44

'Monsters Of California' is coming. 

Tom DeLonge is probably the busiest man in the world, right? 

Aside from writing and recording a new Angels & Airwaves album and running the To The Stars Academy, he has now added making a film to his list of projects. 

In a post on Instagram Tom reveals that production has started on his directoral debut 'Monsters Of California', a new sci-fi project. 

Here's a little synopsis of the film, that's set to star Richard Kind, Casper Van Dien, Arianne Zucker, Gabrielle Haugh and Camille Koste:

"Monsters of California is a coming of age adventure with a science fiction twist that follows teenager Dallas Edwards, played by Samson, and his derelict friends on a quest for the meaning behind a series of mysterious, paranormal events in Southern California.  The truths they uncover begin to unravel extraordinary secrets held tightly within the deepest levels of the Government."

And the caption on Tom's post reads:

"PRODUCTION HAS STARTED... been a bit busy, ha. Hope you like blink-era dick jokes, skateboarding culture, UFOs and a few sekrets thrown in. :) I actually laughed so hard yesterday, I had tears. I really think you’re all going to love this film."

So yeah, keep your eye out for this. 

We chatted to Tom recently about how the new Angels & Airwaves album is coming along. You can read the full interview HERE, but here's a little snippet:

The thing that holds everything you do with Angels & Airwaves together is the emotion and the feeling you inject into your music. It feels like the thing that holds these songs together on the surface is love, but is that actually correct? What emotions have you actually been trying to portray?
“I grew up in a time when punk-rock music was a vehicle for breaking things and rebellion. Blink started its path with writing really funny and happy songs because we were trying to make ourselves laugh because before we had all come from such broken homes and bad environments. From being kicked out of High School to divorces to domestic abuse, playing really fast and happy and pissed off shit was what we felt. That then merged into that whole emo movement. Everyone may poke fun at that these days but everybody has a soft spot for it. What that movement did though was introduce more emotion to the mix, not just in the architecture of the instrumentation but also within what was actually being said.

“Angels & Airwaves is that but on crack really. But you need to understand that it’s not just love. Love is a word that everybody thinks they know what it means, but I don’t think it’s that simple. For me, I feel like if you were to take a big wide-eyed look at the whole universe, you have two different forces that are competing. They are connection and entropy. You have everything either coming together as one or things falling apart over time. The light and  the dark. My motto that I’ve been working on over the past few years is, ‘Love is just another word for everything coming together’. When you do something that’s emotional and when you do something centred on the word love as you and I know it that means connection. We’re all little pieces of one big ball of light. That’s why I think it feels good to people. I just think the word makes people think it’s more of a hippy thing. I’m talking about how we are as spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body. We’re all little pieces of the same thing.

"The big thing for us in life is to be able to feel things. To discover what’s right and what’s wrong. To make choices and to learn from how you affect other people. That’s really what I’m trying to do with Angels & Airwaves. It’s a much bigger artistic experiment than just, ‘I really love this person’. I’m talking more about the Ying and Yang symbol that you see everywhere. It’s the battle between being connected and falling apart. It’s something that’s in all of us.”

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