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To Catch A Thief Unleash New Track Online

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 4 January 2011 at 14.24

And the song features a cameo from former Reuben frontman Jamie Lenman...result!

To Catch A Thief have posted a new track 'Clocks' online to get people excited for their new album 'Monsters', due out later this year.

The song features a guest vocal from the former Reuben frontman Jamie Lenman who was introduced to the band by producer Sean Genockey (the man that helmed Reuben's last effort 'In Nothing We Trust'). Fact fans and those who still have a Reuben-shaped hole in their lives will be interested to know that Monsiuer Lenman also pops up on 'Haunt', another track from TCAT's debut.

To listen to the track click here, more info on the album coming soon.

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