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Thy Art Is Murder’s CJ McMahon: “I Want To Unite With Our Fans To Build A F*cking Army”

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 6 August 2019 at 11.57

"It would be great to get to a size where we can use our platform to really un-fuck the world.” - CJ McMahon

Thy Art Is Murder released their new album 'Human Target' last month - and this time they've taken aim at the worst parts of humanity and society.

Inside the current issue of Rock Sound, we caught up with frontman CJ McMahon about the state of the world, the obligation we all have to fix our broken society, and "un-fuck[ing] the world".

“Have you ever seen the film V For Vendetta? That needs to happen in every country across the world at the same time," CJ shared with Rock Sound about the state of the world. "We’re not going to change the world by holding hands and having fucking silent protests. Standing out front of the White House with a piece of cardboard that says, ‘NO MORE TRUMP’ isn’t going to fucking work. We need to shake the world and make it scared of its people.”

“We can’t do that much just as a band,” CJ shrugged. “All we can do is get our point out there. These messages will possibly be falling on once-deaf ears, so we can help people walk on to this train of thinking and make them realise what is actually happening on this spinning rock we all live on.”

He continued, “We aren’t uniting with our fans over love and togetherness. I want to unite with our fans to build a fucking army. We’re not going to say what we think and just not do anything about it. It would be great to get to a size where we can use our platform to really un-fuck the world.”

Thy Art Is Murder's new album 'Human Target' is out now through Nuclear Blast.

This is just a taste - check out the full interview with Thy Art Is Murder frontman CH McMahon inside this month's issue of Rock Sound. Pick up your copy below:


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