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Thornhill Have Released A Seductively Gritty New Track ‘Raw’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 23 May 2022 at 12.33

More intense experimentation from the boys.

have shared another piece of their upcoming album 'Heroine', and it sees them diving even deeper into dark and seductive waters. 

It's called 'Raw' and is a rough and gritty rock banger, dripping in decadence and delirium. 

It's hot and heavy in all the right ways, and further cements the band as one of the outstanding and interesting currently making their way through the ranks.

Though the seduction that is painted in the track isn't of a wanted variety, as vocalist Jacob Charlton explains:

"The story of the song ‘Raw’ follows an actress's responses to various requests, love letters and desperate attempts made by fans and stalkers after her first major success, appearing in a soon to be cult classic film. This song primarily focuses on character of the voice rather than complex melodies and harmonies so I really wanted to bring a story to life that matches the attitude of the instruments. The way that she fights back these attempts and turns them down requires a lot of bravery and strength and it was more of the angle I wanted to hit, rather than relying on angry, dark lyrical themes.”

Here it is:

'Heroine' will be released on June 03 via UNFD. 

It will also feature 'Hollywood':

And 'Casanova':

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