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This Is A List Of Everyone That Attila Call Out In Their New Song

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 16 February 2018 at 13.25

No-one is safe. 

After teasing it earlier this week, Attila have dropped now their new song 'Callout Pt.2'.

And it appears as though no-one can escape from Fronz and the gang. 

Here is a list of everyone who gets called out in the song's 2:04 running time.

01) Racists
02) Terrorists
03) Politicians
04) Buddy Nielsen
05) Jeffree Star
06) The Music Industry
07) Danny Worsnop
08) Denis Stoff
09) Logan Paul
10) Ricegum
11) Bhad Bhabie
12) Harvey Weinstein
13) Rapists
14) The Grammys
15) Radio
16) Martin Shkreli
17) Religion
18) Westboro Baptist Church
19) Stingrays
20) Tim Lambesis
21) Emmure
22) Connor Mcgregor
23) The Kardashians
24) Ronda Rousey
25) Tom Brady
26) Tyler Carter
27) 6IX9INE
28) Pinapple on pizza
29) 9 to 5 jobs
30) This song

Lordy lordy. 

Have a listen for yourself:

The band revealed earlier this week that they are now fully independent.

"This is something really exciting. It's been a long time in the making.

Basically every single member of Attila is extremely entrepreneurial and business savvy. We don't need a label. we don't need any interference with our music or the way we choose to release it. We can do everything on our own. We have plenty of connections in this industry to make this happen.

So this is an exciting new chapter for us and I think it's going to be very beneficial to the fans. We can do anything we want. We could record a song right now, release it tonight. There's really no limits, no boundaries."


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