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This Is Your Last #NotTheNews Round-Up Of The Year. Savour It.

Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie 19 December 2014 at 16.55

There's been some actual news this week. The Movielife reformed, Fightstar returned from hiatus, and then there was Emoji Artworks. But sadly, today is our last #notthenews round-up of 2014. Try to hold back those tears while we recap all of this week's nonsense.

First up, All Time Low's Jack Barakat found himself next to an admirer this week.

Meawhile, I Am The Avalanche / The Movielife man Vinnie Caruana had to fend off some unwanted attention of his own.

Falling In Reverse's Ronnie Radke celebrated his birthday this week...

...and managed to squeeze in a visit to the Breaking Bad house, too. Sup, B. Lay?


Breaking bad house! @jennaking143 @bryanlayblay

Uma foto publicada por Ronnie Radke (@ronnieradke) em

The following entry into this week's #notthenews has everything: Neck Deep, Jeremy A Day To Remember and DOG. THERE'S A DOG.

Mallory Knox's Sam Douglas found himself having to have that 'birds and the bees' chat this week. With his mum.

Meanwhile, his mum got some famous followers.

Fightstar played their first show in actual years on Tuesday. Not before they doled out some festival cheer, however...


Here's a strange one: London folk-rock singer matey Rob Lynch launched his own 2015 calendar a few days back. It's called #standinginthewayoflove and it features 12 pictures of him standing in front of random couples making out.

Sure, Rob. Sure. If you want one, head over to and order one. 

Meanwhile, Panic! At The Disco man Brendon Urie got in the Friday mood.

Strong beard game is strong.

Gerard Way made us all think.

Bury Tomorrow's Davyd Winter-Bates made a proposition.

Don't worry everybody, we've donated £2,001 for him to keep his clothes on forevermore. Bullet = dodged.

This exchange between Jono Blitz Kids and Joe Mallory Knox is just perfect.

Oli Sykes' dad got down with it earlier today.

Ben TRC had a nasty surprise..

We've all been there, dude.

Escape The Fate's Craig Mabbitt celebrated an important milestone this week.


Bowling For Soup's Chris Burney donned his Captain Obvious outfit for this one.

While New Found Glory's Ian Grushka just got plain weird.

Also this week: thanks to A Day To Remember's Neil Westfall, the world now knows what lil' Jimmy McKinnon looked like.


Aaaaand finally: Don Broco showed us all what they'll be looking like in January after their Xmas blow-out.

The lesson here? All the #money, #power and #fame in the world can't hide four Christmas chins.

That's your lot for this week, and this year actually. We're off to drown in goose fat and eat mince pies until our intestines give up. Have a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and we'll back in January with more actual news (and more non-news too). Oh, and if you spot one of these out in the wild.... know what to do.

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