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This Is Why Stand Atlantic’s New Album Is Called ‘Pink Elephant’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 6 August 2020 at 13.54

It's much more than just a title. 

Stand Atlantic's new album 'Pink Elephant' represents an awful lot for the band. It's sonically expansive, colourfully brave and chock full of fresh and fierce ideas.

But why exactly is it called 'Pink Elephant' we hear you cry?

Well in our recent Q's From The Virtual Queue chat with the band, vocalist Bonnie Fraser revealed all...

"Basically its the combination of two ideas. One is that saying ‘The elephant in the room’ and the other is ‘Pink elephant’ referring to delirium and being spaced out. So the idea is addressing the elephants in your room in your life and having the conversations that maybe you don’t want to have but you know by having them you’re going to end up much better for it. And if you don’t have them, these things can morph into something that they weren’t ever to begin with. We’re just highlighting the point that if you need to say something, fucking say it because otherwise you’re going to turn it into something else and it will be not what it was in the first place. It’s going to be even harder.

"Also, when we do have the tough conversations they are always the ones that have needed to have. So as tough as they are, just fucking talk alright?"

And that is a sentiment that is more important now than ever before.

'Pink Elephant' is set for release TOMORROW (August 07) via Hopeless Records.

Here's the brand spanking new video for 'Blurry':

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