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This Is Who Is Going To Be Supporting Holding Absence On Their UK Tour Later This Year

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 11 January 2021 at 10.11

'The Greatest Mistake Of My Life' is hitting the road.

Holding Absence are set to release their new album 'The Greatest Mistake Of My Life' on April 16 via SharpTone Records. You should be excited for it. 

The band will be celebrating its release with a tour of the UK in October and they are have now revealed who will be supporting them....

It's Yours Truly!

So you will be getting a bit of this:

And then a whole load of this:


Doesn't that sound lovely?

Here are the dates for ya:


28 - CARDIFF Y Plas
29 - OXFORD Academy 2
30 - BIRMINGHAM Institute 2
31 - SHEFFIELD Leadmill


02 - GLASGOW Garage 2
03 - NEWCASTLE Think Tank
04 - MANCHESTER Academy 3
06 - LONDON Electric Ballroom

We spoke to HA frontman Luca Woodland all about 'The Greatest Mistake Of My Life' last year. You can read the full piece right HERE but here's a little snippet:

So where did the concept that tied all of these pieces together come in? What is it about ‘The Greatest Mistake Of My Life’ that holds them together?
“Ironically I would say that the debut album has more of an actual story to it, but it’s so on the nose. Comparatively, ‘The Greatest Mistake Of My Life’ is a collection of different stories that round up together in a very subtle and nuanced way. I think that’s a key difference between the two. Yet you can still feel that the songs on this new album are still tangibly connected, but less clichéd.

“So, this is the story of this album. It was very early days and we had just worked on a couple of songs. In my Nan’s living room we used to have a record player. As a kid I always thought it was cool that she had that there and she would sometimes play vinyl on there. So when we did the first album, the first thing I wanted to do was give that vinyl to my Nan. That felt like a really full-circle thing for me to do. I gave it to her and she said, ‘Thanks love. This is now the second vinyl in our family’. I said, ‘What do you mean?’ and she said that my great uncle went into Cardiff one day and recorded himself singing. It was like the equivalent of a photo booth where they press it on a small 7’ record and it would have been cheap as hell. She said that it was a song called ‘The Greatest Mistake Of My Life’. So I quizzed her a bit more and all she could remember was the lyric, ‘The greatest mistake of my life was saying goodbye to you’. I do this thing when life gives me poetry, I’ll just put it in my phone. I’ll keep this log of deep sounding words and phrases and see if I’ll ever be able to use them.

“So I went home and typed that lyric into Google and a Gracie Fields song from 1939 came up. It was so old. It had like 100 views on the one video there was of it, and I remember thinking that through my great uncle that I’ve never even met I’ve stumbled upon something really special. Something about it just resonated. With the debut we had an issue with actually coming up with a title, so we wanted to come up with the title for this one as early as possible. So one night I told Scott all of this when we were on our way to a show and how this song had somehow found its way into my life. ‘The Greatest Mistake Of My Life’ just sounded like Album Two. So we really didn’t have many songs written at all, but it felt right. Then we worked from there. The album then became ‘The Greatest Mistake Of My Life’ because we were working to that title.”

So what does it mean to you in terms of your own experiences?
“I think for me, Holding Absence has such a way of saying things and expressing emotion. I have always loved the ambiguity of poetry and how something could mean so much to someone and nothing, or so much more, to someone else. For me, ‘The greatest mistake of my life was saying goodbye to you’ is such a pensive, hindsight driven thing. It’s the sort of thing you think about on your deathbed after having lived a life. On top of that, connecting that emotion of someone else and that deep regret, that this person whoever they are could have lived their whole life in regret because of this one person they said goodbye to too soon. I just feel like in itself it feels like a Holding Absence lyric. I genuinely could have written that lyric. So just taking the inspiration from just that one lyric, I feel like I’ve been able to paint a whole universe. I’ve been saying that this album is about life in spite of death.”

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