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This Is What The New Asking Alexandria Album Was Originally Called

Will Cross
Will Cross 16 November 2017 at 10.14

More exclusives from Danny and Ben on the Rock Sound Podcast...

We recently caught up with Danny Worsnop and Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria to talk all about their massively anticipated forthcoming self-titled new album.

Here's a snippet revealing the album's original title...

DW: "The album was originally called 'Eve'."

BB: "Yeah, it was actually... I think that almost came from us... like you said in the beginning of this, this was the first time Danny had come back to Asking and since we'd been in the studio [together] again since 2012/2013, I think we almost took it upon ourselves like we were daring each other, like, 'How heavy can we still go? Do we still have it?' And.."

DW: "...turned out we didn't!"

BB: "Yeah, turned out we didn't! So we called the album 'Eve' because this isn't very believable, what else isn't believable?"

DW: "Yeah we were between Harry Potter or The Bible and we figured The Bible was far less believable!

"That's song's basically the story of Eve in The Garden Of Eden, it was The Snake talking to her, kind of pushing her and being The Devil on her shoulder, which represents where we were when we were being told all this stuff and when we were being pushed into the complete downfall of who we were."

To hear the full interview, you can listen below and subscribe to the Rock Sound Podcast here.

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