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This Is The Reason Behind Palaye Royale’s Gasmasks As Part Of Their New Era

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 13 November 2019 at 17.49

"The gas mask is a symbol to represent the world we’re creating." - Emerson Barrett.

Palaye Royale are back on the cover of Rock Sound this month, with the world exclusive story of their new album 'The Bastards'. Read the full story and pick up your copy now from SHOP.ROCKSOUND.TV.

In side their cover feature, Palaye Royale share some important details about their new era - including why the gasmasks are going to play such a central role in the iconography of 'The Bastards'.

"The gas mask is a symbol to represent the world we’re creating. If you wear a gas mask, that shows that you’re trying to remain a true individual in the toxic society,” Emerson explains inside the Palaye Royale cover feature.

“Everyone was like, ‘They just sell their music because of the way they look or the way they dress,’ and now we’ve just blatantly covered up our faces,” Sebastian furthers. “The music can stand on its own two feet and be a fucking beast of its own.”

This is just a tiny tiny taste - pick up your copy of the current issue of Rock Sound for the full, world exclusive story of Palaye Royale's new era and everything about 'The Bastards':



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