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This Is The First Photo Of Green Day Jamming Together In A Year

Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie 18 March 2015 at 15.48

This is a news story about an Instagram post. But it's a Green Day Instagram post so that's juuuuuust fine.


1st jam in a year!

A photo posted by Green Day Official (@greendayig) on

That up there was posted to Green Day's official Instagram account last night, and shows the Californian punk rock trio (avec their long-standing extra guitarist Jason White) at their first band practice in a year. And you know what? That can only mean good things.

Despite not having jammed together in a year, the band have variously been in the news as of late, partly because Billie Joe Armstrong's been doing all sorts of theatrical and musical things, and partly because Jason White was diagnosed with a treatable form of cancer towards the tail end of last year. Thankfully, he's looking well. GOOD NEWS!

So... new album, then?

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