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This Is Not The News (Seriously, None Of It): All The Small Stuff You Missed This Week

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 14 November 2014 at 17.49

It's been a fairly serious week, what with an A Day To Remember fan still in a critical condition after falling from a balcony at their Portsmouth show and Allison Weiss having a scary time of it over the pond. Which means this list of lighter moments from this week should put a smile on your face.

Frank Iero hit the UK to begin his tour with Mallory Knox this week, and looked happy (we think) to run into Spiderman and Superman at a service station.


Just met some cool British people at a service station.

Une photo publiée par frnkiero (@frankieromustdie) on


Speaking of Mallory Knox, we wish we were as consistently amazed by the world as guitarist Joe Savins. Everything would be well interesting.


Gerard Way wrapped up a whirlwind UK tour earlier this week. And he broke out a new pair of socks for every single date. As you do. These Cardiff numbers were our favourite.


Tonight's socks! Def clean. #Cardiff #hesitantalien

A photo posted by Gerard Way (@gerardway) on


Oh, and while we're on the subject of clothing: LOOK AT THIS DOG IN A MAN OVERBOARD HOODIE. CAN WE HAVE ONE, PLEASE?


Aside from launching his own absolutely filthy soundboardAttila frontman Fronz started advertising for a Personal Party Assistant, and at this point we're not actually sure if he's joking or not.


Danny Worsnop from Asking Alexandria paid Danny Worsnop from Asking Alexandria a compliment.


Alex from All Time Low posted a photo of himself and Jack Barakat at Instagram HQ... on Twitter. Because rules are for squares.


Some bright spark decided Architects should go into the line of inspirational quotes.


And finally, Don Broco frontman Rob Damiani posted this photo. With that caption. And it made us laugh.

That's your lot for this week. Have a lovely weekend, and keep your eyes out for one of these, yeah? 

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