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This Is Not The News (Not One Bit): All The Small Stuff You Missed This Week

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 21 November 2014 at 17.44

Fall Out Boy are up to something and Brand New might be back, but here's all of the other stuff that isn't at all relevant, but made us laugh anyway.

Silverstein got a new website that kind of makes us wish it as 2005 again. They're even friends with Tom!

A fan asked Pierce The Veil man Vic Fuentes a very pertinent question.


Bury Tomorrow vocalist Dani Winter-Bates hung out with some cows and looked really, really pleased about it.


Two Cows, One Jock @danburytomorrow

A photo posted by Davyd Winter-Bates (@swearboxdj) on


Birthday boy and Every Time I Die vocalist Keith Buckley made a late bid for Tweet Of The Year.


Tyler Carter from Issues got denied... again.


Gallows vocalist Wade MacNeil taught us a valuable lesson: don't creep and drive.


State Champs were on their first ever tour bus. Said bus broke down. They had a little trouble letting go.


Adam Elmakias wasn't very good at football.


We came to the conclusion that Spoodles (crosses between Cocker Spaniels and Poodles) are the greatest thing ever. This one belongs to Bury Tomorrow's Davyd Winter-Bates.


Who needs an alarm clock when there are Spoodle babies around!! Absolute face jump !

A photo posted by Davyd Winter-Bates (@swearboxdj) on


Blitz Kids' Jono Yates sold out.

Actually, the truth was even worse.


We were going to write a long, expansive history of The Movielife, but then Vinnie Caruana summed it up in under 140 characters.


And just to round your week off, here's a photo of Asking Alexandria's Danny Worsnop in a bath.

Have an excellent weekend and if the mood takes you, maybe grab one of these while you're out and about? Just a suggestion.

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