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This Is Not The News (Seriously, It’s All Nonsense): All The Small Stuff You Missed This Week

Tish Hart
Tish Hart 6 March 2015 at 17.13

It's Friday already? Time to fill you in on a week of nonsense.

Firstly, Falling In Reverse's Ronnie Radke proved what a hoot he is. Heh. 


Holdin an owl. That's all I got

A photo posted by Ronnie Radke (@ronnieradke) on

 Lower Than Atlantis' Mike Duce also held an animal while simultaneously proving he can give a top-koality hug. No? Okay.



A photo posted by Mike Duce (@mikeduce) on

Meanwhile, it was a great day for kangaroos. Ronnie Radke AND Mike Duce? Hands up who wishes they were born in the Australian outback? 


Kangaroo selfie

A photo posted by Ronnie Radke (@ronnieradke) on




A photo posted by Mike Duce (@mikeduce) on

Hang about. Is this the same Kangaroo? Did Mike and Ronnie plan this trip together? WE MUST KNOW.

Back in Britain, Blitz Kids' Jono Yates aimed high.  

While Mallory Knox's Sam Douglas is in serious need of a confidence boost after coming back from tour.

Also this week: we found out that a Twitter account made by Beartooth exists for the sole purpose of documenting their silly, silly tour quotes and it could quite possibly grow into the greatest thing ever. 

Speaking of amazing Twitter accounts - Paramore have been getting compared to vegetables and Hayley ain't even mad.

Internet, we love you.

Back in the real world, You Me At Six drummer Dan Flint was really upset when he found out cat isn't synonymous was maid.  


Don't get a cat if you want a clean house. Keith doesn't tidy up.

A photo posted by Daniel Flint (@welcometoflinttown) on

Also on our pitstop in petland, Device / Disturbed man showed us his array of cuddly dogs WHILE BEING REALLY SHOUTY BECAUSE HE'S DAVID DRAIMAN. 

Modern Baseball answered their own question (potentially with the best answer).

Mike Duce showed us his cultured side by taking a huge interest in modern art, 



A photo posted by Mike Duce (@mikeduce) on

And while we rethink calling this whole feature Mike Duce Is Really Good At The Internet, check out top quality online baterlolz between him and Decade's Alex Sears.


For more of the real news (and to find out about a LOAD of great new bands) you should check out RS198, which is in stores now. If you don't feel like leaving the house this weekend (it's been a long week, we know), you can order it to your door here, or download it here.


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