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This Is Not The News (Nope, It Just Isn’t): All The Small Stuff You Missed This Week

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 5 December 2014 at 16.41

Things have happened this week. Our new magazine went on sale (this was a good thing). The Blackout announced that they're splitting up (this was a bad thing). Here's all of the stuff that made us happier than that in the last seven days.

For a start, The Blackout's farewell tour graphics and title are incredible. Just incredible.

Ian Grushka from New Found Glory had a truly inspired idea.

And what's more, the responses were golden. There was world destruction by cat...

...and this rather familiar face.

Even bandmate Chad Gilbert got in on the act when he 'shopped his dog Alf into the pic. This one might be our favourite.

Well done, internet. Well done indeed.

Elsewhere in dogland, Colby (Telle from The Word Alive's pooch) sat like a human while wearing a teeny tiny jumper. This photo provided us with hours of amusement, honestly.

The struggle was real for We Are The In Crowd's Tay Jardine. We feel your pain, Tay.

The Swellers are splitting up soon, and the band's drummer Jonathan and bassist Anto reminisced about happier times.


Speaking of Attila, frontman Chris 'Fronz' Fronzak called us all bins. It hurt :(


While all that was going on, Say Anything man Max Bemis came down with a nasty case of... dirty eye? Is that a thing? We're not sure if Dirty Eye is a thing, Max.

And seeing as it's December, Real Friends took the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Holidays in the most Real Friends way imaginable.


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