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This Is Not The News (It Never Is): All The Small Stuff You Might Have Missed This Week

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 26 September 2014 at 17.32

Sure, Gerard Way might have announced a Brixton Academy show, and yeah, we might have a new Weezer song to wrap our ears around. But what about all the non-important stuff you missed this week, hmm? Who's keeping tabs on that? Oh. We are.

First up, Issues man Skyler Accord made this probably-not-okay public regret.

While his bandmate Tyler Carter got cosy with a furry friend.

Ben Lower Than Atlantis got himself some personalised football boots.

Our shoes just say 'Gola' :(

Fearless Vampire Killers' Kier Kemp struggled with his toaster.

It's better than being the other way round, sticking a knife in there to pry the toast out and knocking out the power for the whole street. AMIRITE?

Itch went on the probably-not-all-that-healthy-for-you cheese diet.

We'll check back in a week to see on his progress.

Attila's Fronz learned how to use Photoshop. Well, he barely learned how to use Photoshop

Mallory Knox's Sam Douglas got a proper mugging-off from his mum.

Neck Deep helped launch the new Taco Bell in Sheffield.


Blitz Kids may or may not have accidentally posted a picture of this guy with a Pot Noodle on his on their Facebook page.


Aaaaand finally: Blessthefall's Beau Bokan just can't.

That's your lot! We'll be back next week with more actual news. Probably. In the meantime, BUY OUR MAGAZINE. And have a nice weekend, yeah?

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