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This Is How You Can Get Mike Shinoda To Play A Show Near You

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 7 February 2018 at 12.52

"It requires you guys to make noise."

Mike Shinoda took to Instagram for a live Q&A last night. 

Along with talking about his Fort Minor moniker and what his future setlists will look like, he also explained how you can get him to come and play a show near you:

"The bottom line is, if you ask me where I want to play I will play anywhere. I'm happy. I just want to play and make great music. The truth is that on the other end of the equation there are agents and promotors who put those shows together.

The thing you guys need to know is the more noise that you make about wanting to see me play, that will impress upon the agents and promotors.'Oh, we need to put that show together'.

If all you're doing is listening to my stuff by yourself on your headphones and that's it, then I appreciate you. That's great by me. The agents and promotors and people who put shows together don't see that as much.

They just see a bunch of numbers. They also see Drake has huge numbers and focus on putting a Drake show together. My show is not going to be that size.

It requires you guys to make noise. The noise you make outside of our little bubble, the people putting on shows go 'Mike has fans here, we didn't know that'. Then they will be reaching out to put on a show. That's how it works.

I usually don't mention this sort of stuff because with Linkin Park there's a built in thing. Linkin Park would put out a thing and a lot of the fanbase was there and promotors were comfortable with that.

In the current situation they don't know who is going to turn up. Is it going to be 100 people? Is it going to be 10,000? They don't know.

That's why you have to let them know."

Check out the full chat over on his Instagram.

Mike recently released a three track EP titled 'Post Traumatic'. 

He dropped a visual for each track as well which you can check out below:


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