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This Is How ONE OK ROCK Made Their Latest Single ‘Broken Heart Of Gold’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 3 June 2021 at 10.12

Piece by piece.

Last week ONE OK ROCK released 'Broken Heart Of Gold', a massive, melodic slice of balladry that shows off everything that makes the band tick in one dramatic hit.

Well, now they have offered an insight into how the song was made, in the first form of a documentary. 

In the first part, we see vocalist Taka Moriuchi laying down some vocals and guitarist Toru Yamashita belting out some chords and solos. 

Though what makes the footage even more interesting is watching the pair take on advice and suggestions to improve and expand their performances. Showing off how every single second of a song matters as much as the last, it's a joy to watch the music come to life.

And the results are incredible. 

Check it out for yourself below:

And here is the finished product.

The track serves as the follow-up to 'Renegades', which sounds like this:

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