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This Is Everything You Need To Know About Lovebreakers’ Debut Album ‘Primary Colours’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 30 March 2021 at 17.50

Check out new single 'Laura' right here too.

Lovebreakers have announced the details of their debut album. 

Here's all of the info:

1) It's called 'Primary Colours'

2) It's set for release on June 25 via Wiretap Records.

3) Jack Perry had this to say about the record:

"I think the record defines the word “hope”. It’s a social commentary of things which I have seen or situations I have been involved in, some positive and some pretty negative. The record celebrates a lot of different, yet relatable experiences which I have gone through from my late teens up until now. There are stories about going out with your friends, becoming a recluse, falling in love and starting a family. I think the fundamental message in all of these songs is that there is always a sign of hope. You always go through the bad things to get to the good. Although the lyrics are pretty straight forward, there is also a sense of sarcasm, which adds a little bit of my own personality into the storytelling. The title track “Primary Colours” is an aspiration of wanting to be "better”. There’s always some element of our lives which we want to cure and this story narrates that. The song doesn’t pigeon hole exactly what this could be so that the listener can interpret their own ideas."

4) The artwork looks like this:

5) The tracklisting looks like this:

01. Eye Roller
02. Set In Gold
03. Family Man
04. Laura
05. I Will Love Life
06. Horizons
07. Cling On
08. Same Blood
09. Worst Gentlemen
10. Primary Colours

6) The band have just released 'Laura', which bassist Christian O'Reilly had this to say about:

"We first started working on this song back in 2017 & it started with the main riff that you hear throughout the song. Whenever we’d play it, we’d always refer to it as ’The stranger things song’ as i could imagine it being in the soundtrack to the Netflix show, Stranger Things. The feel of it, even from it’s earliest carnation was very 80’s & i always had this image in my head that one day we’d have a video for the song & it would have blue, pink & purple lighting with a slight grit to it, the same sort of look that old 70’s & 80’s movies and tv shows have. Morgan who directed the video really helped bring that vision to life, he’s one of my oldest friends & super talented & we’ve worked with him before. We all trust him & he shared the vision too. The video feels timeless, like the song."

7) You can also check out 'Eye Roller' right now:


8) As you can 'Family Man':

9) And 'Horizons':

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