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This Is Absolutely Not The News: All The Small Stuff You Missed This Week

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 8 August 2014 at 18.13

Between Foo Fighters sending the internet on a game of cat-and-mouse, New Found Glory announcing their return and Neck Deep hitting the cover of Rock Sound, it's been a big week for actual news. Here's some of the other stuff you might have missed.

The mighty Vans Warped Tour played its final show for another year, and Neck Deep saw it out in style.

Danny Worsnop, Asking Alexandria frontman, rock celebrity and professional mate-maker had a beer with Bodycount. Imagine being a fly on the wall for that one.

Meanwhile, London mash-up newcomers The One Hundred covered Iggy Azalea. Because why not, eh?

We've all made mistakes, and believe us when we say there are a few terrible tattoos in the Rock Sound office. But this one of Memphis May Fire's Matty Mullins takes the biscuit / cake / needle.

Definitely the worst tattoo we've seen this week. Definitely. 

Ben Lower Than Atlantis had a bit of a mare on Tuesday. Just doner ask him about it. 


Rou Enter Shikari did a bit of life admin and changed things up at home.

Good choice, Rou. Let us know how those bills look in the next quarter.

Wade from Gallows dressed up as a priest and stood next to a Ferrari for some reason.

You've got to admit, the man looks SHARP.

Staying with Gallows, one disgruntled human on the internet got a bit confused on Tuesday.

Unsurprisingly, the original tweet got deleted. But not before Lags from the band had himself a good chuckle.

As did Frank Turner.

Elsewhere, the mayor of Boston, Massachussetts declared August 06 Godsmack Day

Bin for that guy.

Zac from Man Overboard asked an American businessman for a hefty donation.

We're not sure how that one's panned out just yet.

In more local news, Yashin's Harry Radford went to the cricket.
While Mallory Knox's Dave Rawling had a life-changing moment. 

You never forget your first, mate.

Max You Me At Six got his lumberjack on.

Rob Lynch came back from Warped Tour, released a new song, then promptly got in a bin.

Bury Tomorrow's Dav Winter-Bates dropped this knowledgebomb on the world.

Chris Motionless In White's big butt obsession was made public by one eagle-eyed fan.

Aaaaaaand finally: we spent a LOT of time giggling over the realisation that Mike Duce with a beard looks a bit like Hank Scorpio

Mike Duce....

...or Hank Scorpio?

Yeah? YEAH?!

Enjoy your weekend. We'll be back on Monday with some actual things worth reading about. Promise. 

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