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There’s Now A Campaign For Mike Shinoda To Do A Solo World Tour

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 9 February 2018 at 10.15

He asked for noise and you made it!

A couple of days ago Mike Shinoda took to Instagram Live to answer questions about solo shows.

When asked whether he will be doing more shows on his own he said:

"It requires you guys to make noise. The noise you make outside of our little bubble, the people putting on shows go 'Mike has fans here, we didn't know that'. Then they will be reaching out to put on a show. That's how it works."

And that's exactly what his fans have done, more specifically Linkin Park Live

They have partnered up with LP Ambassadors throughout the world and launched a global effort titled 'Let's Make Some Noise'. Its purpose is to help raise awareness for Mike and his new EP 'Post Traumatic' so that he is able to play a show near you!

According to LPL these are the ways that you can help: 

01) Demand Mike play your city on How? It's simple - click "DEMAND A SHOW" and be sure to set your home city in your profile, head here and get started:
02) Let your friends know you requested a show! Use the hashtag #PostTraumaticTour when posting about the shows on social media to recruit more people for your city.
03) Keep spreading the word and listening to Mike's music on digital streaming platforms.

Check out the full forum post HERE.

Mike recently released a visual for each track that appears on his 'Post Traumatic' EP which you can check out below:

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