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There’s ANOTHER New Fall Out Boy Song Coming On Monday

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 21 November 2014 at 10.08

Zane Lowe's giving the new FOB single its premiere on Monday at 7.30pm. And yes, that album is coming...

Right, let's have a little recap of what Fall Out Boy have being doing to our emotions over the last few months, shall we?

In September, they dropped 'Centuries' out of the blue, then released a ridonkulous Gladiator-inspired music video for it. Pete Wentz spoke to us on the phone the day the song came out and said yep, "there will be an album."


Then about a month later we got 'Immortals', a track taken from the soundtrack of Disney's Big Hero 6 flick.


And then a couple of weeks later, they released a re-recorded version of the Chicago Bulls' theme song with a little help from Lupe Fiasco. Why? Because Chicago, duh.

Now it looks like we'll be getting MORE new Fall Out Boy on Monday, as Zane Lowe is set to premiere their new single on his Radio 1 show that evening. 


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