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THECITYISOURS Have Released An Emotional New Track ‘Regret About Me’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 16 August 2021 at 10.40

Another taste of 'COMA' is here.

have continued the rollout of their upcoming new album 'COMA' with another track that showcases the breadth of sounds that will be making an appearance.

This new song is called 'Regret About Me' and is full of emotional tension and heartwrenching feeling.

It finds the band channelling their heaviness in different ways, and coming out the other end with a song that lets its message shine above the riffs.

Guitarist Mikey Page had this to say about it:

 "‘Regret About Me’ is about acknowledging people who were once a big part of your life that you have severed ties with... From past relationships to family members or friends who have wronged you. It speaks on forgiveness and accountability, however difficult that may be.

"I felt it was important to represent the vulnerabilities that can come from these types of situations. There is a real stigma around young men sharing their thoughts and feelings. I’m very passionate about pulling back the curtain and speaking openly about how I have been affected mentally & physically. Hopefully, this encourages others to embrace their emotional insecurities for their own well being and mental health." 

'COMA' is set for release on October 22 via Arising Empire.

Here's previous single 'Dangerous':

And here's 'Death Of Me':

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