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The Wait For The New You Me At Six Album “Isn’t Long”, According To Guitarist Max Helyer

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 15 July 2020 at 11.17

Cannot. Wait. 

It seems we're just around the corner from hearing a new You Me At Six album. 

Guitarist Max Helyer has tweeted saying that he has "just listened to the masters of our new record this morning" and that he "cannot wait for you to hear this body of work we worked so hard on".

He also added that the wait until we get to hear it "isn’t long".

Lovely bit of news that!

We spoke to frontman Josh Franceschi around the release of the band's recent single 'Our House (The Mess We Made)', which sounds like this:

When asked whether the song is an indication of where the band are heading musically he had this to say:

"Absolutely not, which is why it’s a stand alone song and it’s not going on the album. It was a song that we loved, and we felt really good about it. We felt really strongly about it, but I think we were all in the same boat where we said that we don’t think this can go on the aggy, punk-rock record that we’re making, because people will be like ‘what the fuck is going on?’. I think that’s where we’re at though with music, that music can just be released like this. You can put out one song, and the world will tell you if they like it or not"

You can read the full interview right HERE

You can also pick the band's latest album 'IV' up on vinyl from our mates over at Impericon from right HERE

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