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The Swellers’ Jonathan Diener: “By Getting Out Now, We Could At Least Preserve Some Kind Of Legacy”

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 31 July 2014 at 13.48

The Swellers' drummer has penned a pretty deep epitaph for the band, and revealed why after 12 years they've decided to call it a day.

Writing for Noisey, Jonathan said:

"We were never a household name or a band who sold out a tour, but maybe we were one of those bands you accidentally saw open for a band you really love. As kids, we played music because it was fun and we had nothing else to do."

He details the struggles the band encountered during their 12-year career....

"Communication issues between our manager and us became a daily thing. Improper filing of taxes started to add up and we owed thousands of dollars. He somehow got us banned from a major international tour without us knowing. We missed several huge tour opportunities by committing to some smaller tours early on. Not necessarily were they all his fault, but we made the obvious decision to part ways with him. To no one’s surprise, the label he was working for pulled out from wanting to sign us. We were stuck in limbo. "

...and also explains why they've bowed out now....

"The business side was slowly killing us and the reality of things started to dawn on us the longer we were home. My bandmates were making more consistent money at their jobs than touring. I got a part time job that would let me tour and sadly by being off the road, I was making less money. We really didn’t want to stop the band, but we knew things were plateauing. By getting out now, we could at least preserve some kind of legacy."

"Maybe posthumously we’ll become a big deal or just fade away. In retrospect, it doesn’t matter if you’ve heard of us or not. No one ever said you had to be a household name to be successful. Regardless of whether we were a small, mid-level, or big band, we did things our way and I’ll always be proud of that."

We'll miss these dudes :(

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